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Welcome to our website!  Thank you for your interest in our organization. 

Please visit our site often for updates about our activities and our members.


We began our group on August 3, 2008.  We started with four Sisters and one Guard. 

The Sisters were; Phyllis Balls, Anita Feltch, Ivona Feltch and Gretchen Gitaround.  The

lone Guard was Torme Anus.  We deliberately chose provocative names to add a

shock value to our appearance, and to bring humor to our work.  When our only Guard had to leave the group (after 7 months) to focus on work, another wonderful individual stepped in to take his place, Double Penetration.


Over the years we have grown and together we have produced events which became annual fundraisers and still today earn money for charities in our city.  Events such as; our Annual Chili Cook-off, our Thanksgiving Bingo (where the money raised helps feed the homeless and where the food we serve at bingo is distributed to the hungry), our Jingle Bingo (where the money raised goes to AIDS Alabama to help complete their Wish Tree project each Christmas), and the annual Red Dress Bal (where money raised helps to support the AIDS Service Organizations of Alabama).  In addition to these events, a monthly Bingo is produced, which we call Big Girl Bingo, and which helps to contribute to the Sister Grant fund distributed to worthy Non-profit organizations in our state.


We do much more than just produce charity events.  We also like to go into our community and just have FUN while bringing a smile to those we meet.  We are often seen doing our condom ministry.  We hand out “play fair” pamphlets explaining safer sex practices and common diseases while distributing condoms, all part of our education program within the Magic City Sisters.


Sisters in our state and around the world are activist for causes concerning the LGBTQIA community.  We are most concerned when it comes to issues which concern our state, but have participated in gatherings in other parts of our country.  We have been, through the years, catalyst for change and promoters of progress and take a proud role in doing so!


If you are looking to become involved in our group or simply wish to come to our events and show your support, please do so!  


For membership inquiries, please see the Get Involved section. 

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