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Abbess Sister Cuma Lota More

Roy Moore Rally 5
2017 Pride
2017 Pride
Cuma Lota More

Abbess Sister Cuma-Lota-More   President

Big Sister: Gretchen Gitaround

Date Joined: August 6, 2016

Date Fully Professed: August 2017

Representative of the UNPC


I am a Fully Professed Sister.  I came to know about the Magic City Sisters a few years back.  Since then I have come to love each one of them.  I joined in 2016 and choose a mission of making people more aware of the importance of knowing their status.  Being tested on a regular bases and living a healthy and sexual life.  I want to do all I can to help my community. We must keep sharing and telling our stories to bring everyone together to support the LGBTQIA community and our causes.


My Projects:  Have been the "Puddin" Awards and Grant Funds (a tribute to Pattie Puddin . I have just finished my second Pattie Puddin Awards.

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