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Father Phil Latio    

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Name: Father Phil Latio

Big Sister: Gretchen Gitaround Little Brother Guard Fonda SheNanigins

Date Fully Professed: January 2014



My journey with the Magic City Sister of Perpetual Indulgence began about eight years ago. In the beginning, I helped the Sisters with their major fundraiser, the Red Party (as it was known back then), where I ran the sound and lights for their event. As the years passed I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors and was elected to serve as their Treasurer. Three years ago, I had the honor of becoming a fully professed Member as a Guard/Father (their first). I have served as the Treasurer, Bingo Master and Event Chair for the Red Dress Bal during this time.


Active in the LGBTQIA community, I serve on the Board of Directors of AIDS Alabama and in the past have worked with other nonprofit agencies such as Central Alabama Pride, West Alabama AIDS Outreach and the United Way Agency. As a professional in the construction industry and an advocate for those individuals with disabilities, I work with those that are disenfranchised and forgotten by our society and in so doing, hopefully, make the quality of their lives better. 


Becoming a Sister was not only an honor but a natural progression in my life. Helping others where they live is what I do professionally and is what Sisters do naturally. I watched the AIDS epidemic take many of my friends in the 80’s and even though the medical community has done miracles in fighting the disease, the battle is not over and the fight needs to continue. The Sisters are and should be a leader in this fight, not only raising funds for AIDS service agencies but ministering to those “where they live.”  


My fellow Sisters are not only my friends but are part of my family. I am honored to be a very small part of a great international service organization. As long as I can, and as long as my Sisters will have me, I will serve joyfully.

Point Guard: Took over the Red Dress Party


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