Sister Nocturna LeMision     (Bio Below)

Name: Sister Nocturna LeMision

Big Sisters: Cookie Bliss (First Coast Sisters) and Gretchen Gitaround

Little Sister: Muffon Backorder (First Coast Sisters)

Fully Professed on 8/6/16; Honorary Emeritus (Jacksonville Sisters) 3/25/17

                                        Honorary Emeritus (MCS) Sept.2018


I was first drawn to the sisters many years ago when I was searching for a way to give back to, and to unite the LGBT community.  I had become aware of my talents in drag and, with networking, and felt that there had to be a greater cause for them to be used.  I approached the Jacksonville pride board about doing a show to bring performers together from multiple clubs.  They recommend that I work with the First Coast Sisters.  It was then that I helped to found the Jacksonville Order. I began by traveling to other houses and learning from them.  It was in the course of my travels that I found the Birmingham Magic City Sisters.  Currently, I am the director and liaison for multiple charities.  I joined the Magic City Sisters because of their rich history and found a home in their group where I could best offer my talents.  It is for these reasons that I transferred from the First Coast Sisters to the Magic City Sisters.  I chose to do my mission project and elevate with them to fully professed new family.


Mission Project:  Coordinate bingo/drag performance/raffle with beach/4th of July/Pride theme.

                            (auctioning off the mankind to be worn that night was the highlight of the evening)

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