Guard Tally Wacker     (Bio Below)

Tally Whacker

 Name: Guard Tally Wacker

Big Sister: Gretchen Gitaround

Date of Fully Professed August 08, 2016


I choose to be a Guard because I enjoyed watching the Magic City Sister put smiles on other peoples faces. I also enjoyed watching how they raised money for other organization.  

Why did I decide to join the Magic City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence over other non-profit groups?  I felt love from them that I did not feel from other organizations. PLUS they made me feel good about myself while allowing me to help others. The Magic City Sisters are truly a GREAT organization for those who are looking to belong and have a purpose in their lives!


Projects I have done.  

Thanksgiving Dinner Bingo "Feed the Homeless". 2015 and 2016